Isla’s Adventures Day 3

06-19-18_2-56-26 PM

I think they’re really cute together! Kason’s always so attentive to Isla.

Isla caught her grandma Ginger during a job and let her meet her future great grandchild.06-19-18_3-02-13 PM06-19-18_3-02-54 PM

Apparently once you’re in your swimsuits, you’re in them for good.06-19-18_3-06-38 PM

Isla’s pursuing a career in social media, and decided to ask Ginger for some tips.

Isla: Grandma, are you okay?

Ginger: Uh yeah? Why wouldn’t I be? I’m just thrilled that finally someone in this family is taking after me. Finally no science or any of that stuff. I’ll promote you on my blog. I do have 1,000 followers.

Isla: That’d be great. Thanks so much grandma!06-19-18_3-15-08 PM

Isla: Eggs make me sick.06-19-18_3-18-30 PMIsla invited her siblings over. Iri spent most of the time in the bathroom acting like she’s never seen one before.

06-19-18_3-18-48 PM

Icarus: Thanks for the food.

Kason: I didn’t offer you any food.

Icarus: We’re family. What’s yours is mine.

Kason: Sure…06-19-18_3-20-19 PM

Icarus: Are you going to eat that?

Isla: You just ate. How are you hungry already?06-19-18_3-23-04 PM

Isla went into labor pretty soon after that, so everyone was sent home.06-19-18_3-24-41 PM

Isla: Relax, everything will be fine. Grandma will deliver our baby, and we’ll get to go home and be one big happy family.06-19-18_3-25-05 PM

Kason: I thought you were delivering the baby.

Gardenia: No, for some reason I’m never the one to deliver babies.

Kason: Is there a reason for that?

Gardenia: Honestly I have no idea.

Kason: Well crap!06-19-18_3-28-36 PM

Despite having a different surgeon, both mother and baby are fine. Welcome to the world little Lenore!


Isla’s Adventures Day 2

06-19-18_2-29-51 PM

Isla and Kason decided to stop for a bite to eat at Grady’s Junkshop Grill. I hope that’s not where the food is coming from!

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I’m actually working on getting more of the beginning chapter of Generation I together, but in the mean time I have 3 days of posts about Isla scheduled, and I’ll probably be posting more random Seasons screenshots here and there.